Gymnastics & Tumbling Classes

Gymnastics & Tumbling Classes

Parent Tot 18 mo - 3 yr old

Working together, you will help your little gymnast  learn and have fun with introductory movements of gymnastics, motor development skills, and the beginning stages of socialization with other kids. There is no safer place to learn to hang, swing, jump, climb, balance and roll!

Tumble Tot independent 3 yr olds

The first little step toward independence!  Your child is ready to participate with mom and dad on the sidelines in our viewing room.  In addition to introducing more gymnastics movements, the class adds in social skills such as listening, following directions and sharing.

No experience necessary.


Preschool Co-Ed 4-5 yr old

Your 4-5 year old is now ready for a fun, fast-paced gymnastics class.  The focus turns to the accumulation of skills, the social skills necessary to work in a group, and the ability to string sequences together, mentally and physically.

No experience necessary.

Girls/Boys Beginner

Starting in first grade, gymnasts are introduced to the specialized events in women's and men's gymnastics. 

Boys' classes focus on the men's six Olympic events:  Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and
High Bar. 

Girls' classes focus on  the women's four Olympic events:  Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor.

Both sets of classes also include strength and flexibility components, and take full advantage of the ropes, trampolines, and pits

No experience necessary.

Girls/Boys Intermediate

By coaches' invitation only, our intermediate classes are designed to carefully introduce advanced skills to experienced gymnasts, and to help these gymnasts perfect their foundational skills.  Coaches place an additional emphasis on the strength and flexibility components your gymnast needs to progress.

Girls/Boys Advanced

By coaches' invitation only, the advanced classes build upon the beginning and intermediate curriculums. 

As your gymnasts progress, intermediate skills are perfected, and flipping skills and complex sequences are moved from drills stations, to padded equipment and soft surfaces , to the Olympic events themselves.


Basic Tumbling

Our basic tumbling classes are designed for children of all ages and levels who prefer to focus on tumbling - whether for other sports or simply because they love it!  Basic tumbling classes cover up through connecting multiple handsprings.

Advanced Tumbling

Advanced tumbling classes are limited exclusively to athletes have their round off connected to multiple back handsprings without a spot, and who are working on tucks, layouts, and twisting with a spot. 

Please note: For the safety of our athletes and our coaches, incoming advanced tumblers will need to start in a beginning tumbling class to be evaluated.